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Naked Economics free essay sample

Just to give you an example, in a paper of about 10 pages I would expect to see no more than one or two direct quotes if at all. Use direct quotes only where you need to emphasize something that is unique and requires an exact replay of whatever it is that you are trying to say. This being said, keep yourself out of harms way and avoid the use of direct quotes as much as possible. 2. All statements of fact MUST be cited in your paper. All citations noted within the body of your paper, slides, tables, charts or graphs, should also have corresponding full references in the back f your paper in the References section.Only items that are cited in your paper should appear in the reference section. No other items should ever be in the reference section unless they were already cited in your paper. 3. Read all assignments VERY carefully. We will write a custom essay sample on Naked Economics or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Too many times see students lose valuable points as they read their assignment one time and start writing. Most of the time when this is done, critical requirements are missed, resulting in many lost points and a greatly reduced grade. 4. If you must use direct quotes (which again, should be infrequently at best), you absolutely positively MUST eave a page number or paragraph number (if it is a non-paginated website).This is not only an PAP regulation but one that will also help you avoid a charge of plagiarism. This is VERY serious so please take note. 5. Do not use sources that are ancient unless it is truly a section using historical background. Recently I saw a student paper where they were citing current sources and then jumped in and cited a source from 1948 . .. And it was onto historical section!! This was merely an irrelevant and ancient reference that should not have been included in that paper. 6.If a central point was noted in our requirements for the assignment, make sure that you cover that exact point, making direct reference to it, citing it, and of course including a corresponding reference in the reference section. Example if you were to compare and contrast a noted author, be sure in your paper that you specifically mention that author, their works, the date of their work, and also make reference to that citation in the Reference section of your paper. 7. If you are making a general statement with a citation, then you would not use a page number or a paragraph number.Only direct quotes that should be used ere sparingly would get page and paragraph numbers (Are you getting the idea you should avoid the use of direct quotes ). Two citations per paragraph and one direct quote per page is a rule of thumb. 8. Be very mindful of the page count and word count that have been provided in the assignments details. There is a reason for page and word count it is a direct clue as to the scope of the paper. Additionally if you are ever planning to publish in a journal, you will be given a very stringent page and/or word count.If the publishers tell you the article is to be 1000 words and instead oh write 1001 words, your article will be rejected am not kidding this IS true. In terms of scope, if the paper is to be 750 words clearly your coverage of that topic will be much different than if the paper required 7500 words Page count and word count can be your friend so pay very close attention. Please do not ask the instructor if they are serious about the page and word needless to say they will say yes so do not even ask. Additionally count please do not ask for exceptions to the page/word count as there was an intent for this assignment and page and work out was part of that. These assignments are attempting to train you to be a precise and disciplined professional writer. 9. Be sure all papers include an introduction that gives a brief background about your topic but also includes specifically what will be covered in the paper. The word introduction should be omitted as a section header. 10. Be sure your paper has a substantive conclusion that summarizes what was included in the paper. Please do not use the conclusion to introduce new information This is not the place for new information as the conclusion is merely a summary section of what was ALREADY covered in your paper. Ideally, your conclusion should key off the introduction. 1 1 . Do not use contractions. Example: dont, Im, hellAdditionally, use a scholarly, formal tone in all your papers. Your paper is not to sound like a personal story, journal, magazine article, letter to a friend, personal diary, or stream of mind writing effort.. Be Clear, Concise, and Precise in all doctoral writings. 2. Be sure to not use first and second person in all writings. It is entirely possible to write about a personal topic yet not use first person. . Example (use this style, it works well): This author believes; Research indicates, this researcher posits, experience has shown, etc. 13. Be sure to use PAP 6th edition paper formatting, and spacing throughout the entire paper. This means that your paper should be double spaced line-wise throughout. From section to section, do not use extra line spacing in your paper-?this includes from your cover to your reference section. 14. Watch your tenses. Layoff are writing in the current tense, be consistent and stay with the current tense throughout your paper. If you are writing in the future tense be consistent and stick with future tense throughout your paper. If you re writing in the past tense, be consistent and use past tense throughout your entire paper. 15. Be sure all your sentences are complete -no one-word sentences such as Yes! Also, be sure each sentence has a subject. Example: He said the dog should go for a walk (WHO SAID? ); That research showed interesting results (WHAT RESEARCH)? 6. All paragraphs should have a MINIMUM of 3 sentences. 17. Your doctoral writing should be clear, concise and precise. Avoid wordiness and flowery language. Wordiness and flowery writing is usually a sign tattoo are lacking substantive content, or are using fillers to meet a rod requirement, or are lacking knowledge of writing in a scientific/scholarly manner. Do not use fluff/fillers such as the fact of the matter is . nevertheless, also . this being said . Etc. 18. Be sure to carefully proofread your papers.I see many students post papers that literally have errors in their cover page and their introduction And it usually gets worse from there. Use Microsofts built in spell checker-all spelling errors will be underlined in red. Correct all errors. Many times students ask how many times should I proofread a paper? I tell them, until you no longer find errors, then reread your paper another couple of times. Do not steal points from yourself if you took the time to write the paper then take the extra time to proofread it so you do not harm your grade. 9. This class does NOT permit redos, extra credit, incomplete, etc. so be sure to plan accordingly and do your best work first. 20. Please be sure to make all statements in the affirmative (do not use questions as part of your paper). There IS nothing worse than a student that uses a question in the paper, than answers that question. If a paper is well thought out, is well written in a cogent manner, this interrogative approach should never take place.. It rather underscores a writing weakness so avoid at all costs. Naked Economics free essay sample In this chapter, the author uses an example of dieting to show that people use other people’s very basic understanding of markets to control them, and how knowing more can save you more. He says that a major contributor to that is that people, especially in America, can spend money that is not theirs. This is called a credit system (uses credit cards). Being able to do this, he says, is a good and a bad thing because people can overspend and end up broke. He says that this ties into using banks all the time in our modern economy. This can also be a good or a bad thing. He also includes insurance, investing, and other programs that could result in a major loss of money, though not in most cases. He says that this is called behavioral economics, which is how natural human behavior can result in poor economic choises, or good ones. We will write a custom essay sample on Naked Economics or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Wheelan then procedes to talk of how good economic behaviors can make you get â€Å"rich quick†. He uses an example of buying a house and selling it for more money. Cases like these are extremely rare, and the Author says that this would only happen if you were dealing with â€Å"morons†. He brings it all back down to the fact that to raise capitol, you must save, invest, and then repeat those steps. Also, he says that you should take risks, then be rewarded in cased of success. He finally points out that another way to gain capitol is to save for the long run. I agree with the Author in that some poor economic choices come from human nature. Also, that you should save and invest while looking down the road, making economic decisions early on. I do not agre with his idea that you should take risks to gain capitol. THat may work some of the time, but the opportunity cost generally outweighs the benifet. Naked Economics free essay sample Baumbach AP Macro Response Paper â€Å"Making money takes time, so when we shop, were really spending time. The real cost of living isnt measured in dollars and cents but in the hours and minutes we must work to live (5). † After reading this sentence, I felt a little confused about what the author meant in this sentence. However, after reading the inflation example about stockings and cell phones, I truly do understand and agree with this quote. As the author explains, just because the price goes up, doesn’t mean that the cost of living has gone up. By factoring in wages people make per hour and comparing that with the price of an item such as stockings or cell phones, the cost of living can in fact be lower than it once was. It all depends on how much time of work is needed to acquire the item desired. We will write a custom essay sample on Naked Economics or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Using this method, as the author elaborates, is really how we determine if the cost of an item costs more than it once did. Along with the importance of cost of living, the Real GDP and Real GDP per capita also play an important role in our economic growth. While talking about GDP, the author states the feelings of Americans by stating â€Å"Indeed, if we all believe the economy is likely to get worse, then it will get worse. And if we all believe it will get better, then it will get better (12). † I believe what the author means by this is that we decide whether the economy goes up or down based upon how we feel as a society about spending. The more we spend, the greater real GDP becomes which allows more investments to occur. Because this happens, our economy will continue to expand and do well leading to a respectful amount of inflation along with that. On the other side, when we feel that the economy is likely to become worse, we cut back on spending causing real GDP to go down allowing businesses to invest less forcing them to lay off people (greater unemployment) leading to a worse economy. It’s a continuous cycle; the people determine how the economy performs based on how much consumption, investing, government spending, and net exports occur. Furthermore, the after the national financial crisis of 2008 occurred, President Obama passed a stimulus in 2009, hoping that we could pull ourselves out of the recession. Even though the post-effect wasn’t extremely positive due to speculation of the economy, I thought President Obama did the right thing to pass the Stimulus. As the author says, â€Å"A bad stimulus is better than no stimulus, and a bad stimulus is what we got (18). † Instead of letting Americans live in chaos and fear for many more years, Obama decided to act with a fairly responsive stimulus. Of course, the stimulus wasn’t as effective as many hoped for, but it was a step in the right direction. As a result, the stimulus did little effect on the economy, but I believe that it had a large effect on American morale. The stimulus provided 2 to 3 percent GDP growth and provided millions of jobs to Americans which is perhaps some of the best news many received in the past two years. Even though Americans may have spent or invested in the short spurt of the stimulus, it allowed Americans to become more confident with their spending and investing instead of saving it all again. In addition, the author talks about borrowing and how economists view the budget differently than accountants. Economists seem to be more fluctuating about the amount of spending we do as long as we pay it back while accountants are all about balancing the budget. Based on that being said, the author proclaims that â€Å"As a nation, we are consuming more than we are producing, and we have to pay for the difference somehow (23). I believe this to be a bad thing because there have been no positive signs of our debt becoming any smaller which can cause economic destruction in the future. The author contradicts his previous quote by stating â€Å"countries that have gotten themselves into financial trouble are usually running large current account deficits (24). † I feel that we are one of those countries that have maintained a large current account deficit. If we continue to spend more than we are producing, then it is inevitable that the American economy will collapse.

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